Tuesday, February 17, 2015

❅ ❅ ❅ Closing Sale ❅ ❅ ❅

After 5 wonderful years in Greenpoint we have decided to close
our doors and make way for new opportunities.

From now until Feb 23rd we will be having a closing sale with
50% off all clothing, accessories and select jewelry, and 30% off everything else.

Thanks for shopping with us over the years, come by, say goodbye
and get some great deals in our last days!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baby, it's COLD outside...

Yeah, it's freezing out there! Or, as the kids would say, it's brick out. But never fear, we've got you covered, literally and metaphorically. The whole store is 25% off, so cruise on by and cover yourself in some cozy sweaters, and layer upon layer of plush Pendleton blankets! Here are some of our favorite cold weather selections...

Pendleton Lahaina Robe with Leather Carrier WAS $298 / NOW $223.50

Pendleton Journey West Robe WAS $239 / NOW $179.25

Pendleton Mission Mill Blanket WAS $239 / NOW $179.25

Sessun High Street Coat WAS $368 / NOW $276

Sessun Louisa Coat WAS $298 / NOW $223.50

Free People Dylan Tweedy Sweater WAS $128 / NOW $96

Left on Houston Hendricks Sweater Coat WAS $196 / NOW $147

Sessun Salt River Sweater Coat WAS $250 / NOW $187.50

Slate & Stone Donovan Coat WAS $350 / NOW $262.50

Pendleton Westerly Sweater WAS $149 / NOW $111.75

Pendleton Rathburn Sweater WAS $219 / NOW $164.25

Friday, December 19, 2014

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers!

Who doesn't love unwrapping a dozen tiny presents on Christmas morning?! Stocking stuffers are a blast to open, and the funnest to shop for! We've got tons of great little gifts to stuff all the stockings in your lives this year!
Clockwise from Top Left: Rainbow Einstein Socks, Incense Matches, Zig Zag Mary Jane Patch, Pendleton Bandanas, Nag Champa Soap, White Sage Smudge, Palo Santo Bundle, Henley Brands Flashlight and Corkscrew Keychains. 

* Enjoy 20% off Einstein Socks TODAY only with code Stocking *

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gift Guide: For Your BFF!

For your BFF this Christmas, let's set the scene with a delicious smelling candle by Wood & Penny and let her give you a few hilarious and ill-advised tarot readings with the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck! Don't worry, you can throw in the Guidebook too so she can practice ;) If she's already got her tarot reading skills on point, you're in luck! The Psyche shape shifter rings are beautiful and look great stacked up!

Clockwise From Left: Cat Ring Dish, Sanktoleono Balance Necklace, Psyche Shape Shifter Rings, Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, Wild Unknown Guidebook, Wood & Penny Candles.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gift Guide: For Your Best Bud!

For your best bud, your favorite rough and tumble pal, get 'em something practical, like a hat to keep their noggin warm, or a knife to brandish in a bar fight. We also think the Zig Zag boobs patch is a great gift, 'cause you know your best bud will be thinking of you fondly for getting him (or her!) this amazing gift every time someone, well, dumps 'em out!
Clockwise from Top Left: Chamula Knit Hat, Datter Industries Cat Lapel PinDatter Industries Hand Lapel Pin, Iron & Resin Courage Pocket Knife, Henley Brands Back Pocket Flask, Zig Zag Boobs Patch.

* Enjoy 20% off the Datter Industries Lapel Pins and Henley Back Pocket Flask TODAY only with code BestBud

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gift Guide: For the Host!

The Holidays can be a stressful time, we know, but consider yourself lucky if you've managed to squeak by without having to host any potlucks, dinner parties or white elephant fiascos this season. Now, let's direct some much deserved appreciation to those who have hosted our wine-drunk, mistletoe-wielding Christmas-cookie faces this month with a nice little gift. We've got some great suggestions below!

Clockwise from Top Left: Henley Wine Tote, Stained Glass Feathers, Palo Santo Bundles, White Sage Sticks, Old Hollywood Blue Mason Jar Light, Wood & Penny Candles. 

* Enjoy 20% off ALL Old Hollywood Cage and Mason Jar Lights TODAY only with code Host *

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gift Guide: For Dad!

I don't know about you guys, but I love shopping for dad! The fact that he asks for "just socks" for every holiday or gift-giving occasion makes shopping for him all the more exciting, and rewarding when he absolutely loves the odd little trinket sitting in front of him on Christmas morning. We've got some excellent dad gifts (think plaid, leather and brass) that will ensure he never asks for socks from you again!

Clockwise from Top Left: Henley Leather Clad Flashlight, Compass Keychain, Telescope Keychain. Pendleton Leather Key Fob, Pendleton Plaid Neck Tie, Old Hollywood Large Cage Light, Pendleton Nylon Backed Blanket.

* Enjoy 20% off ALL Old Hollywood Cage and Mason Jar Lights and the Pendleton Nylon Back Blanket TODAY only with code Dad *

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gift Guide: For Mom!

Shopping for Mom around Christmas can be a daunting task! She seemingly has everything she could possibly need, from her enviable jewelry collection to her perfectly decorated mantle. Luckily, we've brought some new jewelry designers and home decor into the shop that we know will surprise her on Christmas morning! Emily R's dainty and gorgeous pieces that resemble the organic surface of the moon and are speckled with diamonds are perfect for layering with all of her old favorites! And the lovely Sessun Banihal scarf will keep her neck and precious new jewels warm through the new year!

Clockwise from Top Left: Domestic Construction 23"x36" floor mat, Sessun Banihal Scarf, Emily R Assorted Diamond Rings, Ulu Raw Amethyst Studs, Ulu Druzy Studs, Emily R Mini Rectangle Diamond Necklace, Ulu Druzy Triangle Necklace, Emily R Diamond Studs, Homart Hanging Terrarium.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gift Guide: For Your Special Lady!

When shopping for your special lady, something feminine and beautiful is sure to please! Whether you decide on a fabulous Psyche cuff, a gorgeous conflict-free sapphire ring by Vena Amoris, or something sultry with lace, we think she'll be just thrilled!

Free People Truly Madly Deeply Bra, Sessun Helin Hat, Hart-Variations Chevron Necklace & Chevron Earrings, Vena Amoris Yekarah Ring, Psyche Time Traveller's Collar, Psyche Deus Cuff, Psyche Regio Cuff.

* Enjoy 20% off the Vena Amoris Yekarah Ring, the Psyche Deus Cuff and the Psyche Regio Cuff TODAY only with code SpecialLady *

Friday, December 5, 2014

Gift Guide: For Your Number One Fella!

For that special man in your life, your number one, we've got some great gift ideas that will melt his manly heart! From the Pendleton Motor Robe, perfect for snuggling and watching Netflix together, to the Iron & Resin Buffalo leather gloves to keep his rugged hands warm this winter, not to mention the badass Digby & Iona Signet rings, we're sure that there's something here to put a smile on his ruggedly handsome face!

Clockwise from Top Left: Chamula Horse Hair Cuffs, Henley Bicycle Wine Bottle Harness, Iron & Resin Buffalo Leather Gloves, Pendleton Motor Robe, Digby & Iona All Men Must Die Signet, Digby & Iona Ouroboros Signet, and Digby & Iona Natura Signet.

* Enjoy 20% off the Pendleton Motor Robes and Digby & Iona Signets TODAY only with code NumberOne *

Thursday, December 4, 2014

This Just In: Brothers Artisan Oils!

For our bearded bros, or babes with a facial-hair festooned fella in your lives, allow us to present Brothers Artisan Oils! 
These beard, hair and skin oils "promote growth by preventing splitting and breakage, as well as nourishing the skin, preventing flaking and itching" and smell amazing to boot! 
The oils imitate your skin's natural oils so they're even perfect for moisturizing, cleansing and preventing acne on beard-free chins. If that hasn't sold you yet, just let the dudes behind Brothers Artisan Oil share their philosophy with you and then we'll talk: 

We believe grooming should be simple and primal. Our goal in creating Brothers Artisan Oil was to create a simple product that would tame our hair, protect our skin, and nourish our beards, while attracting mates with an appreciation for superior facial hair. When we found our hair shinier, beards longer, and beds full, we decided it was time to bring our product to other worthy men. Use it in good manliness.

Whew! Well, I'm convinced. Ladies, don't feel left out! These oils are also perfect for use on dry elbows, knees, and ears, as well as our precious hair, skin, and nails! Let's make a pact to look out for our fellow man by smelling good every day with Brothers Artisan Oils.

The Cucumber Mint and Rosemary blend's scent is refreshing, clean, herbal. 

The Rosewood and Cedarwood blend's scent is woodsy, earthy, and green--a nourishing, bottled forest.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

❅ ❅ ❅ FALL SALE ❅ CLOTHING 30% OFF! ❅ ❅ ❅

It's the coldest day of the season so far and we want to make the chill a little less harsh with some rad fall and winter sale items! ALL clothing is 30% off now through Friday so come stock up and get your winter game in check!

Here are just a few of our faves that are on sale right now:

Stillwater 3/4 Sleeve Maxi WAS $276 / NOW $193.20

Left on Houston Hendricks Sweater Coat WAS $196 / NOW $137.20

Gentle Fawn Dancer Dress WAS $134 / NOW $93.80

Sessun Bun Dress WAS $174 / NOW $121.80

Sessun High Street Coat WAS $368 / NOW $257.60

Iron & Resin Rambler Jacket WAS $275 / NOW $192.50

SLVDR Wolf Insulated Shirt WAS $144 / NOW $100.80

Naked & Famous Twisted Yarn Slim Shirt WAS $154 / NOW $107.80

Naked & Famous Deep Indigo Stretch Selvedge Denim WAS $148 / NOW $103.60

Monday, November 10, 2014

Pendleton: Portland Collection Blanket!

Since its start in 1863, Pendleton Woolen Mills has been producing exceptional quality products that excel in both style and longevity. In 2011, they introduced the Portland Collection which included clothing and home accessories that had a contemporary flair, paired with their reputation for durability. From their most recent installment, we've received this fabulous Portland Collection wool blend blanket. This bad boy comes with a leather carrying strap and is 64"x80" so it's perfect for toting to your next picnic or camping trip and large enough to bundle up with your besties around the fire!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

-:¦:- Wood & Penny! -:¦:- Candles for the Common Good -:¦:-

Wood & Penny candles are the newest addition to our home wares section and we couldn't be more thrilled to showcase this awesome new brand! Wood & Penny is "a small batch fragrance house dedicated to delivering quality, natural soy candles that inspire change and support the common good." They're currently donating 10% of their profits to charities such as the Animal Welfare Institute (check 'em out). In addition to their initiative to making the world a better place one wick at a time, these guys are producing wonderful candles that smell amazing and look beautiful! 

Cherry Blossom, 6oz, $15 / 15oz, $28

Egyptian Amber, 6oz, $15 / 15oz, $28

Honeysuckle Jasmine, 6oz, $15 / 15oz, $28

Strudel and Spice, 6oz, $15 / 15oz, $28

Friday, November 7, 2014

¸¸.•*¨*• NEW ARRIVALS: MARA HOFFMAN! .•*¨*•.¸¸

Two incredibly rad new pieces from our absolute fave, Mara Hoffman, have just landed in the shop! These are the starry, cosmic prints that all of your outer space dreams are made of! Come on by and let us make those dreams a reality!

Jacquard Star Maxi Skirt, $232

Lunar Eclipse Camisole Gown, $286