Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This is only the second celebrity death that has had a real significant impact on me. 
The first was Jim Henson.
Words cannot express how much both of these men have influenced my life and who I am as an artist.

When I was 5, I saw The Labyrinth for the first time. It blew my mind.   I remember being very confused, because, for the first time I was feeling something. I LOVED the Goblin King. I couldn't understand why Sarah chose that stupid baby over this weird androgynous being who reminded me of a Rockette.  He was a boy, but looked like a woman. What does it mean? 
I was also confronted many times in the past year with the fact that not everyone (a shocking number of people in fact) have seen this film.  And then coupled with several encounters with people who had never even HEARD of it.  I guess a sign that I am getting old but --- still! This movie impacted my life so much I feel I am surprised every time when people haven't seen it.
So, Bowie has passed away.
The glitter donning, platform wearing Spider from Mars has returned to his place in Space.  The rebel who opened my eyes to art, fashion, and rock n roll. The man who weirdly defined my sexuality, expanded my imagination, and taught me all about radical self expression and being who you are, without worrying about what others think. 
The man who was the poster child for the underground. A living example of an alternative lifestyle. Someone who questioned gender identity and made us curious. And we were OH SO CURIOUS.
Here I toast this man's legacy. For inspiring us all. I am eternally grateful.

Out celebrating his life at House of Yes last night.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shop on-line now and receive 20% off your entire purchase with code BACKINBLACK through the weekend.  Offer ends Monday November 30th.
Incredible vintage ski bunny fur hood that we added black twisted leather ties to.  Wonderful and warm this hood is perfect.


New belts that you can pass along to your kids cuz' they won't ever go out of style.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mix + Match

These tool earrings are sold individually for $12 so you can mix 'em or match 'em.  

We found these really rad vintage Talking Heads buttons and we LOVE them.

Monday, November 23, 2015

New Zuni

Got some gorgeous vintage petit point Zuni jewelry on-line now.  Gorgeous turquoise set in sterling silver.  These pieces are stunning and perfect for anyone who love Native American, Western, Turquoise Jewelry.

Old Hollywood CLP living.

Here's a little inside look our studio in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
Here we make lots of magical pieces.  From headpieces, to costumes, jewelry, and general nerding out.

Handmaker's Market: Holiday Edition

Our beloved Handmaker's is back in Greenpoint for a special Holiday edition!

Handmakers Market returns for the holiday season, featuring a carefully curated array of NYC artisans and collectors bringing handmade, eco, holistic and vintage goods, and items inspired by indigenous, sacred ceremonial traditions from around the world. Handmakers Market has become a known and trusted destination for savvy and consciencious makers and tastemakers alike in Brooklyn.

The market is held in the Sacred Arts Research Foundation sanctuary. The event is FREE to the public, with items for all price points. Children are welcome! Healthy vegetarian food, baked goods and medicinal beverages are available for purchase. Tarot readings and holistic health sessions are available from our community of practitioners. All while supporting handmakers from our local and global communities and accessing an array of cutting edge designs and gift options at your fingertips!

See the facebook event here and hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Treasures

Lots of new incredible things to add to your personal hoard on the site now!
Check us out!

Vintage Rose Quartz Ring

I have a select few of our #1 best selling piece available for pre-order now!
I urge you to buy it now if you have been waiting for this to come back in stock because I don't know if I will be able to get more before Christmas, they are backordered all the time.

It sure has been a whirlwind since closing our brick + mortar store locations in the Lower East Side and Greenpoint Brooklyn.  Have you missed us as much as we've missed you?
It was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but it has been such an expansive year for us.  The decision was made mainly so Alex and I could focus on our careers, the passion project that was 'Old Hollywood' just wasn't enough anymore.  I was debating if I should even keep it going on-line, and I finally decided that this is just who I am.   It's what I do.   Buying and styling are just such a huge part of my being and there was really no other choice.

If you love and miss us, fret not!  We are up and running on-line and updating feverously for the upcoming holidays and you can find us at lots of markets when we have time.  [I will be posting all that info soon!]

Saturday, November 8, 2014

-:¦:- Wood & Penny! -:¦:- Candles for the Common Good -:¦:-

Wood & Penny candles are the newest addition to our home wares section and we couldn't be more thrilled to showcase this awesome new brand! Wood & Penny is "a small batch fragrance house dedicated to delivering quality, natural soy candles that inspire change and support the common good." They're currently donating 10% of their profits to charities such as the Animal Welfare Institute (check 'em out). In addition to their initiative to making the world a better place one wick at a time, these guys are producing wonderful candles that smell amazing and look beautiful! 

Cherry Blossom, 6oz, $15 / 15oz, $28

Egyptian Amber, 6oz, $15 / 15oz, $28

Honeysuckle Jasmine, 6oz, $15 / 15oz, $28

Strudel and Spice, 6oz, $15 / 15oz, $28

Friday, November 7, 2014

¸¸.•*¨*• NEW ARRIVALS: MARA HOFFMAN! .•*¨*•.¸¸

Two incredibly rad new pieces from our absolute fave, Mara Hoffman, have just landed in the shop! These are the starry, cosmic prints that all of your outer space dreams are made of! Come on by and let us make those dreams a reality!

Jacquard Star Maxi Skirt, $232

Lunar Eclipse Camisole Gown, $286

New Designer: Ulu!

New designer in the house! Ulu is bringing us beautiful, sparkly quartz cluster studs and pendants on 24k gold plated chains. Her pieces are elegant and fun, and the perfect gift if you're getting a leg up on your holiday shopping!

Raw Amethyst Triangle Studs, $68

Round Druzy Studs, $85

Round Druzy Studs, $85