Monday, June 16, 2008

"Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away With Me!"

Nautical Prints in summer will have you thinking all kinds of catchy wayward terms like,
"ships ahoy", "anchors away!" and "yo ho ho" 

(vintage betty anchor blouse SOLD OUT but the dress version is available here.)

(del forte mariner trouser available here.)
wide leg jeans are EVERYWHERE. wide leg jeans are so post WWII sailor inspired.  Clothing rations are history.  But this style shall never be!

(created a wonderful reproduction of the classic 1950's sailor swimsuit available now)

Oh, and we can't forget our yacht friendly footwear.  From Jeffrey Campbell to Gucci, nautical themed boat shoes, heels, and sandals are what's hot in the streets. 

 I like boat-shoes because you can totally rag them out and achieve that grimey "neighborhood homeless dude/my dad plays golf on sundays" hybrid that is just a major mind *#@!.

Whether or not you admit it, it's quite probable that something in your wardrobe's rotation was an inspiration of the 75+ years of nautical fashion.
so sail away friends.
(I could also recommend some very good yacht rock.)