Saturday, June 14, 2008

Global Artifacts: A Peace Treaty

a new socially conscious label of global artifacts. Operating from the UWS, it’s based on a pact made by two smart ladies (a Pakistani Muslim and Libyan Jew) to raise global awareness.

These beauties are hand-loomed and come from Pakistan’s Punjab Province. The products are produced in small batches so not only are you not going to see your scarf on everyone (like the "talibans" they sell on the street corners and at Urban Outfitters) but it allows this ancient craft to be sourced fairly.

A Peace Treaty plans to develop relationships throughout the Middle East, overseeing the process from design to consumption. Proceeds benefit organizations like Counterpart International, which brings medical supplies to Darfur.

The scarfs range from $79-$109 and sell out quickly so get yours now and let everyone know that not only are you just plain old FLY, but you also care about peace.

Deep down we're all hippies.