Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marvelous, Darling! Fashion Tip: Shirred Dress

Ladies, Ladies!

We all fight the bulge from time to time.

But not to worry.
There is a fail proof dress body that will hide your tummy and make you feel slimmer and sexier.

(one of my favorites, shirred dress by Molly New York. A proven body for them, they introduce it in a new fabric nearly every season)

I am talking about the shirred dress.

(Lotta Stensson's Bohemian chic designs are known for being beautiful, functional, and fun)

This style is best in a length about to the knees, and the shirring should occur in the mid region.
For extra slimming power get one that has shirring through the mid-section and not just on the sides.
This creates a slimming affect and also can elongate your torso and make the "junk in the trunk" well....less junky.

(Modaspia also recreates their shirred dress nearly every season. This dress is also made in super light and casual cottons)

Remember that sometimes when a blouse or dress is shirred it can just look cheap and young. The fabric and the design can make or break this style. Stick with classic cotton prints or solids, and fancier more expensive silks (for cocktail parties/weddings etc) when working this body. Also, a stretchy fabric can do miracles in the slim factor.

And remember, pop bellies are totally hot.