Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Designer: Strange Hands

Terrarium Designer.
Graphic Designer.
Abstract Painter.
Furniture Designer.
Beat Maker.
Tattoo Artist.
Chris Renfro is a design fiend.
And Old Hollywood has A.D.D.
With so many things on his plate, it's easy
to think he's not serious.

But he's serious, and he's come to do business.

With his new company, "Strange Hands" (website coming soon), Renfro has created his own world to play in. "DIY is my main focus, but I'm never afraid to collaborate or meld ideas with good people."
Renfro can be found on the corner of Creativity and Crack in lovely San Francisco.
He started his endeavors with Rip Daily, hand-painted skate-decks, larger than life abstract acrylic paintings, and tattoo design in Louisville Kentucky.

From there he has developed his own style of screen-printing that ensures unique-ness by keeping every piece a true one-of-a-kind original.
And mixed tapes.
Old Hollywood approved mix tapes.
Renfro's mixed tapes are only on cassettes. Which I think is absolutely amazing.
"It takes longer, but I wanted to take the "Strange Hands" mixed tapes back to their origin."
Mixing everything from 80's, hip-hop, country and everything in between, Renfro splices sounds from old casio boom-boxes, record players, and keyboards bringing an amusing and (can I say this enough) original creation.

It may be a while before "Strange Hands" can be pinned down to one specific market. There is just too much to create, and the "most beautiful hands in the land" are grabbing every medium and taking San Francisco Boutiques by storm.

(for more information please email