Friday, June 27, 2008

Old Hollywood Style Advice: Fall or Summer shoes?

Old Hollywood,
I just picked up these shoes, grey suede with a nice t-s
trap. They seem more fall than summer (the colors, the closed toe) but I like them quite a bit and would love any ideas for what they could go with in the summer. If they just won't work, what do you think I should wear
them with in the fall?

Happy to assist.

First, I must compliment these fine shoes. Way to go! Spanish heels are the best, they are not only supportive and easy to walk in, they look damn sexy and retro-and a T-strap to boot...meow.
Also any heel with a small platform in the front (nothin to crazy-"classy-not trashy") will protect the ball of your foot from "pounding the pavement".
so....I want these

You are right though. These shoes are some DEFINITE fall shoes.
1. they appear to be suede.
2. the color combo.
3. the stitching along the toe and heel (giving it a warm quilted look)

These should NOT be worn in the summer. I know you want to, but!
You can start bringing them around in September with shorts or jean skirts and crocheted tops, wiggle dresses or fall colored floral print swing dresses.

You can push these guys through March. They will be great in the winter with tights or little ruffle socks.
(plum, orange, yellow, red, maroon, black, cream, brown, teal, green...)
will all look great with these shoes if paired correctly. Of course if you are gonna go with one of these bright colors on the legs, make sure the dress is more subdued since the shoes are. Try to pull colors for the dress out of the shoes.
If dresses aren't you cup of tea, these will look great with an ankle cropped skinny jean (try JBrand's 10" in ink) tights and wool shorts, or any high waisted dress pant or skirt in one of the above colors.
You really have a lot of options, just no summer.
And just because it's Fall doesn't mean you can't wear color.
Colors are friendly.

And I like friendly friends.

(need advice? drop me an email-I love to help!)