Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The South is in Me.

Remember when dressing up was all the rage?
Remember when your blouse matched your parasol which in turn matched your shoes perfectly?

Well Anna Sui does.  And so do I.

these things aren't just for the rain. they cool you off and are a really beautiful old-timey accessory.
All my blazing days at Sundays at Brownstoner's Brooklyn Flea have me really longing for the days when there was a plethora of knit parasols to shield our sensitive lady features from the hot sun.  Back in the day, the ladies carried parasols because being pale was a sign of high society.  Showed 'em all you weren't out in the fields.  Being tan became fashionable when traveling was more attainable and then that became a sign of high society.  But now we just plain ole' need a parasol cause this global warming -ish is for real!  

Protect your skin and look damn cute while you do it.  I did some research and found these spots sporting the parasol.