Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some fine mod mockney patter

I have a motto.
Well, I have several mottos, but the one relevant to this topic is;
"the shorter the better."

(but you know, don't let the cheeks out. put on some bloomers.)

(dada dress specializes in TOTAL mod inspirations)

So, with that said, I am super diggin' the mad cool mod prints and shift patterns of the mini dresses that are EVERYWHERE this year. (not only will you see them all summer long, but there ain't no sign of the mini callin' it quits in fall) Keep it classic with some authentic mod accessories like silk scarves and big round sunglasses. With a dress so short you don't wanna overdo it with too much jewelry. A big ring and hoop earrings are plenty. So let the pins out. We're not gonna have these gams forever ya' know.

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