Saturday, June 14, 2008

Suck it in.

Just kidding.
With these, you won't have to.
My favorite high waisted shorts.
happening now.

(covet bamboo shorts. The corseted style of high waisted is fantastic, but you only need one pair since they are so novelty. the other 2 styles are pretty timeless)

(del forte- my all time favorite-super high and classic!...oh and organic! also a classic length, not too long or short)

(blank-not as high as the other 2, these are right below the belly button, but have a little bit of a wider leg opening and are cutoffs. I mean, come on!)

Ok, ok. The reason high rise is the sh#! is because it keeps all those little lumpy things and muffin tops all inside and tucked away, nice and comfy. And...if you happen to not be someone who has that will generally with mild exception (which I will discuss in further detail on a later post) makes you look slimmer and taller by making your waist appear smaller. and working like a light corset for those of us who DO need it to.

So, they'll suck it in for you.