Monday, June 16, 2008

"Tennis, Anyone?"

We sure have come a long way baby.
In 1860, with tennis's incursion into high society, tennis was at this point anything but a sport.
Petticoats, corsets, full-skirts (no "ankle-shows", this isn't a porno!), stockings, heels, and a hat to top it off, was the tennis dress of the times.
Talk about hot flashes. The ladies were passing out!
Tennis really hit the big time with the invention of the lawn mower.
After tea it was commonplace to hear,
"tennis, anyone?"

The tennis apparel that we commonly refer to today wasn't even a thought until 1949 when Gertrude Moran graced the courts with a white mini dress trimmed in satin and topped off (err...bottomed off) with a matching pair of bloomers! Yay Bloomers! Yay Gertrude!

(No girl's vintage collection is complete without a tennis dress.
Whether you hit balls or not, this is a great summer outfit.)

The 1960's-70's of course perfected this ensemble beautifully.
Crisp. Short. Sweet. Adorable.