Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I prefer that STEAMPUNKED.

Man, if we gotta have all this fancy technology can it at least look old-timey?

Steampunk isn't just design -- for many, it's a lifestyle. The growing, nationwide movement is about customizing current modern-day tools, electronics and furnishings to give them a Victorian flair, rejecting the pre-packaged, plastic-molded vision of the future as it's sold by Microsoft and IKEA.

Steampunks will redesign iPhones and flat-screen TVs, encasing them in burnished brass or dark leather. They'll replace laptop keys with those taken from vintage typewriters. They'll even re-build motorcycles
and cars with an eye to the 19th century. It's not done out of a technophobic impulse, though William Gibson's 1984 novelNeuromancer and the sci-fi author's term "cyberpunk" provided steampunk with a catalyst.
Instead, the designers revel in making the commonplace beautiful, aesthetically referencing the past while maintaining the functionality necessary for the present.
Now all of the children (like myself) born in the wrong era can have their...


(there is also a crazy fashion resurgence of this style which I will dedicate another blog to)