Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jezebel: Correspondence for the Vagabond Heart.

"The marriage of 19th century and 21st century epigraphs allow a peek into a diorama world, peopled with cars called Cleopatra and faded revolutionaries in gleaming furs."

Leigh Batnick is in a class all of her own.
I visit there, and linger momentarily before being drug back into a realm saturated with Nike Dunks and circle skirts.

A world where cigarette smoking is still fashionable (with holder of course) and flowy silk skirts coupled with danty slip-on heels and fur stoles make sipping a martini more tasteful.
Jezebel is the bibliophile's brainchild.
And a designers dream.
From Letterpressed Stationary to T-shirts, to fine jewelry (Vagabond Picnic) Jezebel has made quite a name for herself in this world.
And Jezebel and Old Hollywood are good friends.