Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Man From Mars

At age 4 my sexual identity and my love of  costumes was forged.

Thank you, David Bowie.

Here is a look at the two designers who helped create this phenomenon.

"Most of the look for Ziggy was basically from the Kubrick film, "Clockwork Orange" and the jumpsuits in that movie I thought were just wonderful." (Bowie 1993)
Freddie Burretti was a 19 year old clothing designer/tailor and close friend of David Bowie from El Sombrero (a trendy London gay discoteque).  Burretti was responsible for most of the early Ziggy Stardust and also fronted Bowie's side project Arnold Corns where he went by the stage name of Rudi Valentino.  

My favorite- the seafoam suit (which he wore only once) in the music video "Life on Mars" that conceptually was meant to look like a painting.
(spring rain by Kansai)

Born in Yokohama in 1944, Japanese Fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto was only 27 when he held his first international fashion show in London in 1971.   Bowie quickly became a fan purchasing items in his London Boutique and later was gifted 2 costumes when Kansai and Bowie met in New York during his 2nd US Tour.

(I mean, come on!
A designer who names his creations things like "space samurai" need like their own personal planet where they can go and and laugh at the rest of us for lacking awesomeness.)

"He has an unusual face, don't you think?  He's neither man nor woman.  If you see what I mean; which suited me as a designer because most of my clothes are for either sex.  I love his music and obviously that has influenced my designs but most of all there's this aura of fantasy that surrounds him.  He has flair." (Kansai Yamamoto 1973)

Modern sci-fi, classical Kabuki theatre, and Japanese Noh dramas were the inspirations used in creating the 9 costumes for the 3rd UK tour in 1973.

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds
There's a starman waiting in the sky
He's told us not to blow it
Cause he knows its all worthwhile
He told me:
Let the children lose it.
Let the children use it.

Let the children boogie.