Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photographer: Alex Prager

These days I find myself dreamily sifting through photographs on the web.
I am about to start updating my portfolio.
I have enrolled in a business class.
Old Hollywood is ready to move her energy legs.
LA based photographer, Alex Prager (28), practically photographs the world how I see it.
Or better yet,
she photographs the world as I would like to see it.
She styles and shoots her photographs like a history book.
Her shots are not only cinematic,
her shots are like a journey to another time and place.
Her series include befitting titles such as
The Big Valley

She has won countless awards worked with some very credible publications in the "art" world all the while having private shows and releasing her book (the book of disquiet 2006).

The key to a good photo is a stylist and photographer coming together with a similar vision.
Come on Alex, whose your girl?