Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photographer: Nickolas Muray

Look closer.
What seems to be a painting of sorts like Gil Elvgren or Norman Rockwell
these photographs make you look twice.

Hungarian-Born American photographer, Nickolas Muray makes you want to throw photoshop out the window and start using the carbro process instead.
No matter how long it takes.
His career was launched by none other than that famous publication we all know and love;
Harper's Bazaar when he was hired to do a portrait of the Broadway actor Florence Reed.
This was such a success that he was having photographs published in the magazine every month.
He quickly became recognized as a portrait photographer and if you were any kind of celebrity at all, you wanted your photo taken by Nickolas.
The photos he took of Frida Kahlo while she was in New York in 1938 for her exhibit have become known all over the world to people in every walk of life.
They were at the height of their 10 year love affair in which Kahlo only wanted Muray as a lover and not a husband as he wished (that's right!).
They remained good friends until her death in 1954.
After the market crash he turned his focus to pioneering commercial photography and became famous for the creation of many of the conventions of color advertising.
I am learning photoshop.
I've just decided.

Images Courtesy George Eastman House
© Nickolas Muray Archive.