Friday, July 11, 2008

Fleet Ilya: Restrain me PLEASE!

This started as a mission to find my man some classic leather holsters to make a statement at classy affairs.
It turned into something much, much more.
Serving Suggestion: Make an impact with this eye-catching piece and use the harness with cuffs, rope or silk ties to bind your lover. Looks beautiful without a bra to display the body or over clothes as a fashion accessory.

I want the holster/harness as a fashion piece that you know...
can be used in other scandalous acts.

Whether your cup of tea is bondage, high fashion, classic, or you don't want to talk about it---
this London designer has something for you to strap on.
Fleet Ilya's line ranges from corset-like harnesses and waist clinchers to extravagant masks and headpieces,  to beautiful 2 buckled belts and handbags.
She has three lines.
And Restraint.
Check out the beautifully stylized photographs on the site.  
I am pretty much....
rethinking my bedroom tactics.

Ilya Fleet has gotten my attention. 
She has dealt a taboo-breaking hand. 
And raised me a pair of leather cuffs with matching strap-on.