Monday, August 4, 2008

New Designer: Inherited Leather

Or Inherited Inspiration is more like it.
Founder and designer, a one-woman-dream-machine,
Sue has been an inspiration of mine since I was in high school.

Not only did she own the most awesome boutique in all of Louisville,
But she was the hottest thing this side of the Ohio.
She has since left Cherry Bomb for greener pastures.
Her own designs.
Her leather line (Inherited Leather) is an assortment of colorful bags and belts made from various recycled leather pieces and her belt buckles are all either solid brass or handmade from assorted hardwoods.

Embroidered and silk-screened images along with hand-cut leather appliques, make these leather belts and bags conversation pieces and accessories that stand apart in your wardrobe.
Inherited Leather can be found at numerous craft fairs (Renegade Chicago next month)
and boutiques across Louisville.
And happily this fall, at Old Hollywood.