Monday, September 15, 2008

New Designer: Preloved

(Well...okay...maybe not "new designer" but "new-to-me designer"!)

Few things get me pumped during a market week.  
But sometimes I am so pumped you start to forget that you are actually working.
(but is it ever work when you just absolutely love what you are doing?)
Coming off of a big and surprisingly exciting D&A show yesterday a few special lines stick out in my mind.
Toronto based preloved is one of them.
Starting out as a vintage store 14 years ago Julia Grieve (once an international model) met her future preloved designer Peter Friesen as they prepared to expand to three shops (toronto-montreal-australia) and move into the wholesale market, and on top of all that starting two other lines.
I just loved meeting Julia because she was so stoked to see how excited I was about what she is doing.  She was only 23 when she opened her first store-talk about ambitious.
The preloved idea is simple, and beautiful.  
Get 3 trenchcoats and make a Nancy Drew worthy dress.  
Get 2 pairs of mens wool trousers, one vintage drape, and a bedsheet for lining and make a beautifully tailored empire waisted dress that is actually flattering.
Or how about 2 mens blazers to make a really awesome tulip skirt with a flirty slit?
So excited for their spring 09'.  It's seriously great.  What a way to reuse some old clothing.  I think they get something like 2,000 pounds of bedsheets.  
And you never know EXACTLY what fabrics your fashions will arrive in.  You give them guidelines and they work with you on the patterns and colors.

How unique and special?
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

(oh-and it is all handcut!)