Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jewelry Designer: Tilly Doro

Montreal native, Nogah Rotstien has been in New York assisting the jewelry designer for a major retailer.
I really like her because she doesn't want to work for something that produces so much.
She is a free spirit who wants to take some time and focus on her own line,
“My grandmother, Tilly, always taught methat nothing should be wasted or taken for granted. The gifts she appreciated the most were the ones I made by hand, and this is something that has stayed with me"
Taking antique and found pieces she creates a new statement with the old.

Tilly Doro doesn't just stop with necklaces.
Her line includes an array of earrings and bracelets with antique laces and rhinestone broaches reworked in creative ways.
Asymmetry is the game.
I mean, who wants to walk a straight line through life?
Not me, and certainly not Nogah.