Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lookbook: Dace

Dace is rad because they take these really simple preppy pieces and make them a bit edgy.
Big arm holes, and big stiff collars paired with oversized mini dresses.
Thick Wool Tights are your new BFF this fall.
But what makes Dace's lookbook REALLY rad,
is the little story it tells about this super chic lady who...

Sings in a band.
The soft filters and lighting (I really know nothing about photography--I just like the way it looks) make me feel like I am right there with this gal in some venue in LES.

This blouse with the 'built on' scarf (the neck is just really big and triangular and folds over) is perfect for Williamsburg Brooklyn.  It's like the grown up and sexy version of the 'typical hipster's' scarf and t-shirt.
I am surprised this line comes from Canada.
And not Brooklyn.

Anyhow,  these photos feel personal to me.  
You see the clothes, but more than that, you see the girl.