Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Fall Looks Like...

I just got done fiddling with the new fall arrivals here at the Catbird.
This is how I would pair these clothes.
I mean, they are all so individually fabulous, it isn't hard.
(new lines for Catbird: Lily+Jae and Kyumi)
The amazing traditional men's pant suspender as this A-line dress's straps is well...genius.

(Above (and skirt below): all new lines for Catbird: Lily+Jae, Kyumi, and Ali Ra)
This line, Ali Ra just kicks ass when it comes to making mod scooter dresses for fall and winter.
I made the horrible mistake of trying on this Lily+Jae coat. It is so amazing that I am willin' to shell it out. The construction and fit makes you go, "oh yeah, that's why it costs $300."

(blouse by Dace)

I was finally able to start unpacking my fall and building my monstrosity of a closet yesterday. I seriously just love fall. All the tights and A-line skirts. I would totally put mustard tights with the last one. I am really into mustard this year.
And Olive.
I am obsessed with olive.