Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Designer: Andre Benjamin

My boy Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000), one beautiful half of the best rap duo 
launched his first season this fall.
Benjamin Bixby.
Half Dandy, half turn-of-the century football player,
Benjamin Bixby is such a glorious idea.
But to most, 
that's all it will be.
I think the line is a bit too stylized.  
A style that I love and am obsessed with, but from what I have seen
(and I haven't seen it all)
it lends itself to one type of individual.
An individual who has already made this their fundamental look.
For someone to just all of a sudden bust out with this gear,

Maybe a little weird.
But if full blown dandy just ain't your thang, or your boy's thang,
Try integrating just a few of these ideas into your everyday.
We all know (seeing how last year went)
that the varsity sweater looks totally hot with dunks or oxfords.
(but personally I would just spend the dough on the real vintage thing)
But come on.
How can you not absolutely LOVE this!
And TRUST me children.
I will be totally fine if all you fine young men just all of a sudden,
get a 'little' weird.

(You can find the collection at Barneys.)