Friday, September 19, 2008

Opening Weekend

We are having a soft opening this weekend, and the press is all a buzz with the sounds of scotch in tumblers and the scratch from the record player.

The idea behind the store is really really simple.
I wanted to create a space where people felt welcome and comfortable.  Like they were visiting an old friend.  Our guests will be offered beverages and their record choice, will be welcome to sit on our couch and plush rugs and encouraged to enjoy the company of strangers living in the same part of the world.  They say travel reminds us of the connection we all have, and I want to create that feeling in our neighborhoods, through a really enjoyable shopping experience where all budgets are welcome.

O l d   H o l l y w o o d
110 Meserole Ave.
Brooklyn Ny 11222

Wed-Fri 3-10
Sat-Sun 1-10

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