Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Designer: Harlow in Chains

Back in July
I mentioned this amazing lady-Jeni Jaques that I had discovered.  
Well, I think tons of people discovered her before me, but I am proud to say
I was her first ever Brooklyn shop.
The newest addition to her line are these one of a kind hair combs.
These beauties are made with a variety of materials but the silk flower, feathers, and comb always stay the same.  Jeni works with an array of signed findings from earrings to hat pins and antique bead casings all the while paying special care to details such as swarovski crystals and sewing the combs for added strength.  
I canNOT emphasize enough how amazing and talented this lady is.  
Some come by the shop and make a statement with one of these.
(or one of her amazing jewelry pieces)