Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jewelry Designer: Tracie Howarth

Old Hollywood is constantly seeking out new designers.
And we just love being the only store for some of those designers.
Kinda like a little showcase.
Inside a medicine cabinet.
Our latest cabinet is home to Tracie Howarth Designs.
Don't get the wrong idea about this cookie just cuz' she ain't in all kinds of stores.
She is buzy busting her bum in all kinds of ways.
Markets, Etsy, plus she has her own studio where she is a supplier of fine jewels.
So, if you are a crafter and want to craft---let us know!
Her collection varies dramatically.
She has everything from plated bow rings, chain bracelets constructed from the finest vintage materials, cascading chains and assortments. Intricately carved knuckle rings, and crystal cased necklaces.
My favorite part of course is that most of the pieces are one of a kind so you can rest assured you won't see these beauties on Bedford Ave.
Yes. Yes. Yes.