Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Designer: Orange

Angela Chen, a native to Taiwan, who spent her junior years in Vancouver, has planted her feet firmly on the New York cement.
Her fall/winter collection is a beautiful blend of wools, silks, and cottons, that are coupled with edgy new techniques.
Her jumpers are tailored with the expertise of an architect and are beautifully lined in a mustard colored silk.
The folds cascade into pockets and her angles are flattering and sexy.
At less than a year old, Orange is already dancing.
“Being a designer is an investment process. I do not feel restricted in designing or feel the need to compromise as a designer…I intend to grow season by season”.
Angela Chen considers herself a day to day designer who uses the city as her inspiration.
Orange is expertly tailored (something that takes some designers seasons to achieve) and her fabrics are of the highest grade.
And her knits are usually by hand.
Her hands.

When you come across Orange at Old Hollywood, take a moment to admire her skill and craftsmanship, and know that the simple yet innovative details in her design are what make them so sexy.