Friday, December 5, 2008

Old Hollywood Jewelry by TippyPorter

I, Tippy, have been making various forms of jewelry since elementary school.
Of course my style and taste are now much more refined, from casted recycled silver cocktail rings to beautiful vintage re-creations.
My handcrafting of vintage materials had been placed on the back-burner as I tried my hand at ghetto wax carving over the stove with heated butcher knives and filers.

The result of this magnitude of ghettoture is the Old Hollywood Jewelry line, full of old-timey influenced shapes and ideas.

I have more recently (now that I am done laying the flooring in the store) dug out my pliers and my tackle box of findings and spend my nights watching wife swap and tearing the backs off of old brooches.  Boy have I missed this.  My living room is always littered with jump rings and chandelier crystals.  You are a product of my environment.
With the reconstructed line, each piece is carefully handcrafted with 100% vintage pieces.  
No two are alike.
With the Old Hollywood line each piece is made with recycled metals so both lines are eco-friendly all the way.  I am in the process of unveiling some amazing new pieces so check back.  
Both lines are available at Catbird and Old Hollywood.