Monday, January 26, 2009


This weekend has been chopped full of activity for Old Hollywood.
Lots and lots of exciting things happening round these parts.
First off, I am happy to have my first ever assistant.  I was calling her an intern, but that title just didn't do my mini-me any justice.  She is fantastic, and I can only hope that she has the best possible experience with me, the unorganized spaz-zoid that I am.  
Needless to say, she is gonna keep me on my toes and functioning right into this Spring.  
Which, by the way, I am so so so excited about.  Not only am I anticipating a complete Old Hollywood take-over of Greenpoint and its surrounding areas, I am more excited about bicycles.
Freddie Mercury got it right on more than one occasion, and gosh darnit-
I want to ride my bicycle.  
Second, I conquered the International Gift Show in record breaking time.  
One day!  Who does that you ask?  Me and my assistant.  
A five hour super strength shot and some energy legs set us sailing right past all the fat and right to the meat.  Amazing stuff on the way!  And some right in time for Valentine's Day.  Gals, some super fabulous "manly" things for your dudes. So you can make a one stop shop---find him something and scout some things for him to buy you.  (sneaky)
Going to these sorts of things only makes me wish I had a landscaping shop, a furniture shop, and a housewares shop...actually it just makes me realize I need a much bigger shop.  But that's my job...making lots of things fit into tiny an appealing manner.  Right?
Thirdly, I had like a ga-zillion meetings on Saturday forcing me to have to buy MORE display cabinets because we have 4 new designers moving in.
This Spring is gonna be filled with lots of bugs and bicycles.  
Oh, and picnic baskets, and sundresses...