Thursday, March 5, 2009

Artist: Joel Trussel

two tribes of cheese warriors combine their fury
acrylic painted on board

You might recognize his work right away in the Esurance commercials that have been airing for a while now.  
Or more obscurely with his work for Nickelodeon's Yo Gamma Gamma.

These two are big guys around 4 or 5 feet tall. They just kicked the smoking habit and started a candy vice. They still get the sweats now and again though. acrylic on a big roll of Canson paper

acrylic on stained wood block
left- Skkkrt the Gold-maned
center- Bruudrvt the
right- Vlodin the Antlered

He has directed several music videos, commercials, and even worked on projects for Devo.
That's why it is hard to believe that he just had his first solo show in Portland.
All these images are from that show.
His work reminds me of being a kid again, but a kid who was born in the year 2000.
Cartoons with grown-up pain.
I like that.
acrylic on the exterior and krylon on the interior of this Colt 45 bottle
His stuff reminds me a lot of Gama-Go.