Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Designer: Mike & Chris

I recently received their fall/winter 09 look-book for shoes and was floored.
This husband and wife (her name is Christine) duo make not only the most beautiful shoes
but (sigh) the best clothes.

They started out just making hoodies.  
Those hoodies must have cost like $200.
No wonder they expanded to a full collection, cause who REALLY can justify spending that much on a hoodie?
The real dough is in leather kids.
Their jackets are absolutely beautiful.
I am really into this soft color pallet for spring.
I absolutely love the tans and olive green.
 I am actually going through a rather impacting olive green phase right now.
I can't believe I took that color for granted for so long.
I think this year I am going to go with more of an earth tone look instead of my usual bright craze.  I really love the way this looks, almost like it should be fall.

I only included a taste of their deliciousness.
For more flavor click here.
And if I ever get around to it, I will totally scan the fall/winter looks to let ya'll know what's good!