Monday, March 30, 2009

Homesick Every Spring.

I miss Kentucky the most each Spring.
 The cicadas, frisbee field, that weird tunnel over Frankfort Avenue that you could get through with a tiny hike through Cherokee Park, Big Rock in Beargrass Creek, feeding the peacocks at Cavehill, Climbing through my living room window to get to the roof of my first apartment on Bardstown Rd, Chugging contests and growlers from Cumberland Brews, Dance parties at the Red Lounge.
But MOST of all, I miss my girls.  I am the luckiest gal in the world to have so many who have grown into the only family I know.  
The attic, who'd of planned it?  
My ladies have been there through the worst and the best of it. 
Now we are all either engulfed in insane careers, married or getting married, or have children. And I am so glad we have these memories to share, and as my best friend brings another life into this world (Zahir---8 lbs 9 oz arrived today, all natural 24 hour birth) I can't help but think:

We are gettin' old.