Monday, March 30, 2009

My Springtime Obsessions.

Spring is here and for those of us who live in New York that means tank tops in 50 degree weather.
Jacket or no jacket?
Tights or bare legs?
It might be 60 degrees during the day, but bet your ass it is gonna be 25 degrees when you get off work. Forget the jacket. Make sure you got some heat-tek and a goddamn parka tucked into your fold up whole foods tote.
Do not be caught unprepared.
There are three basic things I am currently obsessed with as Spring tempts us with its bright smile.
1. Flower Adornments.
Be it enameled brooches, cocktail rings or pin-up inspired silk flower hair pieces, I am enjoying some team spring spirit with these jump offs.
2. Bugs.
I have mentioned this MANY before, but I can't stress enough how serious I am about this.
And when I think
about it I consistently conjure up the Flaming Lips song Buggin'
which I totally just found the Brown Jabberworks performing a cover of at Brown University. AND on a similar note totally just listened to this story on the Leonard Lopate show about how college acapella groups are making a comeback.
2 things I am diggin'.
3. Getting Drunk.
And if you are like me and from the South, you understand that bugs, springtime, and drinking go hand in hand. As soon as you crack one open or mix up that perfect cocktail, kick back in your outdoor grilling area, the bugs come swarming. A few drinks later and you have given up fishing them out of your drink, pour the struggling bee out of your Kool-Aid margarita and round the gang up for some badmitten.