Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to the Dollhouse.

Hey Kids.  
2 cups of orange tea later and I am busy tooling around the homestead before I bust out into this 50 degree weather.  It dawned on me that my lack of inspiration is getting a bit daunting so I sucked it up to the cosmos and started doing some digging.
A life-sized dollhouse you have probably all seen by now.
As you sit there reading this and shaking you head at my utter lack of innovative and fresh blogging, I ask you to bear with me.
Heather Benning, after accepting a job as an artist in residence for a small farming community in Redvers, Saskatchewan came across this abandoned farmhouse, quite by accident.
She was driving the 2 hours to the nearest city when she saw the house and had the idea for a dollhouse.  With a background primarily in sculpture, the dollhouse was something completely different.  She contacted the land owner who after seeing her past work donated the house and the little piece of land it rests on for her cause.

The house is decorated in primarily furniture from the 1960's to keep with the feel of when the house was actually abandoned.
She did 90% of the work herself with the only other help being from a friend.
She found the furniture mainly at Mennonite Closets, yard sales, and neighbors.

"The house was abandoned in the late 60's and shortly before the area had a large financial boom, so they left before the boom, like the financial boom.  I decided that they were economically depressed and I wanted them to have everything that they needed but nothing more.
I based the books I selected on the titles and the story of the house,  There's one called 
'I'm Alone' by Captain Jack which I thought was pretty hilarious.  I snuck a bible in because a lot of these houses in the late 60's would have bibles in them.  There's a lot of children's books like 'The Hardy Boys' and the Nancy Drew series.  There's one book called 'Bride of Fortune' which I thought maybe the wife would have looked at as a daydream.  'How to Sell by Telephone
' I placed by the phone, as if it was a last big attempt to make a living out there."
(taken from Lula Magazine interview with Heather Benning)

I keep telling my boyfriend that I want to build a dollhouse because I love to decorate so much and he is supportive of that childish and expensive idea.  But I think a life-sized dollhouse is a MUCH better idea.