Friday, June 5, 2009


Boy am I in a mood.
I feel like I just can't get it right.
I kind of feel down right crazy today.
Like, maybe...
Just maybe...
I am actually insane.
And then I realize that this weather is just bollocks.
Isn't it June or something?
Why is it so cold?
Why do I feel so crazy?

UGH.  At least I got to wear my awesome raincoat today.
Since I am in said MOOD, I am just gonna give you guys a random rambling of things.

My favorite shoes, by my favorite shoe company- Remix.
I have to say though, now that I see this photo, mine are a little haggard.

Currently, at this moment I am listening to Fats Waller.  
Just seeing his goofy face is making me feel better.
He sings lots of songs about being fat and greasy, eating lots of food, and how unfortunate you may or may not look.

This is my favorite picture of David Bowie.  He has one dialated eye.
He also looks kind of annoyed.  As if this were taken by someone who won't leave his bed.