Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things You Need That We Got:

*Bright colored uber-flattering vintage sundresses.
*50's-60's liquor decanters to fancify your bar while wearing your new vintage dress at your BBQ.
*Bug Boxes, old books, and framed victorian silouettes to make your old-timey study a raging reality.
*Bloomers.  Yes, for all you ladies who ride bikes in said vintage dresses.
*Beach bags and high waisted swimsuits.---come on!  Isn't it summer already?
*Much Anticipated Erin Templeton bags are in!  So awesome and so eco-friendly!

We are also revamping the jewelry stock with 5 new designers in the coming weeks.  If you haven't been by in a while, now is the time!
Also stay tuned for updates on our summer trunk shows beginning June 27th with Mollie Dash.