Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where the Lodging is breezy.

So, I got this new apartment.  
I have been working on getting it together and wasn't quite sure what I was thinking when I painted the bedroom (which is huge---about 18x12 ft-with a huge bay window and built in bookshelf thing) evergreen and dark brown.  
It was a rushed decision at the paint shop and it was the only room I didn't quite have a grasp on the design for.  So, I painted, and painted and painted and 2 days later when it was about 75% done I thought, "great.  this looks like a damn foosball table."
So I stopped painting and decided I would work on that room last.
Well, I FINALLY finished painting the living room 2 days ago---(I will post pics next week) and I bought the sweetest framed picture of this wright brothers plane last weekend when I was in Greenport antiquing--it hangs so perfectly in that room.  Kinda like the dude's rug, it really just ties the room together.
Anyway, back to the point.  I have now been trying to focus on the bedroom (and my office is a disaster) and I have decided to go with a lodge feel.  That way I won't have to repaint the damn thing.  I have been scouring and buying antlers, animal skulls, and other taxidermy.  I also want to build a level in the room for the bed--remember when Kramer was obsessed with building levels in his apartment?  Well, so am I.
The den is ALMOST done.  90%.  It was inspired by my man and the Royal Tannenbaum's.  Think worldly and old-timey.  I will be posting pictures throughout the coming weeks as I can kinda see a faint glimmer of light at the end of this incredibly long tunnel.
Until then, here are some of my inspirational images.