Monday, July 27, 2009

Industrial Designer: Luigi Colani

Berlin born design genius, Luigi Colani, is still changing the future.
A sculptor, painter, flight engineer, technical designer and city planner by occupation--aerodynamicist, 3-D and form philosopher as hobby.  
In a career spanning over more than 50 years Colani has designed over 5,000 industrial and consumer products.  The larger of which (air and spacecraft) have never been created.
He has won countless prizes for his designs all over the world and currently is a professor in Shanghai.
I first learned about Colani when I was researching 70's design and I stumbled across the experimental kitchen for Poggenpohl. (see below)
I was so blown away by how compact it was---and it held every appliance needed at that time.  I personally would hate to be in there doing anything, let alone cooking-but that's not the point.  

Learning about his further creations and accomplishments led to me finding his Rotor Home.
His rotor home takes his idea of sleek consolidation a few steps further.  Produced for an urban career driven family/individual that doesn't have a lot of space, his rotor home combines the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom into a rotating pod that is controlled by remote.  A hallway, toilet, and common room make up the rest of the home.  
I mean, its totally not my style, but I just love it.  It reminds me of this dollhouse I had as a kid.  
(rotor home kitchen)
(rotor home bathroom)
(rotor home bedroom)
(rotor home floorplan)
I haven't the patience to rehash his magnitude, so you should check it out for yourself over here
In particular you should check out some of his bike designs
totally unreal.