Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summertime is Hot in the Streets.

Well hasn't this summer just been outrageous?
The weather has been insane--which I actually like it.  I am so miserable when it's hot.
I have made a ton of new amazing friends and been reunited with some lost ones.
We have had some really great turnouts at our summer trunk shows.
(speaking of, this Saturday from 1-5 you can get my goodies at the show.  I'm talking delicate bug necklaces, buckaneer necklaces, watch necklaces, knuckle rings...)
I have also just completed getting the Old Hollywood House in order.  I bunkered down, took a week off from the shop and just made miracles happen.  I will be taking photos next week to share with you kids.  Bummer is that the before images were on my old iphone so I don't have them anymore.
Uniforms of summer thus far?  
High waisted 1970's girl scout and tennis shorts.  American Apparel Tanks.  Judi Rosen Jeans.  Cropped 50's blouses.  1950's swimsuits as rompers.  Remix 1940's sandals complete with detachable shoe clips.
Get some.  
I also promise I am about to shoot with Market Publique and James Chang to put some visuals together.  I have just been so busy the past couple weeks, no time!

On another note, as summer kicks it in high gear we have to remind ourselves that these streets ain't safe!
It is crucial that we are all super cautious when we head out at night.  This means taking cars or walking with friends if you aren't biking.  I think sometimes we forget and let our guards down. 

(photo by James Chang)