Monday, August 24, 2009

Jewelry Designer: Elizabeth Knight

SCAD grad Elizabeth Thompson quickly became my new favorite person.
We started out as strangers on a vacation with a large group of friends and realized that the best thing of Summer 2009 so far has been meeting each other.
I'm sure we have been annoying everyone with how in love we are, but it's true...
She is absolutely fantastic!
The icing on this already sweet donut ice cream sandwich?
And I have a jewelry store!
She just gave me this seahorse necklace and it is beautiful.
It is delicate and rests right above my non-existent cleavage.
I also love the contrast of the oxidized silver and 14k vermeil chain.
It makes this tiny little creature of a necklace really stand out.
Her designs give us just enough feminine zing without being overtly girly.
She challenges our idea of "pretty" with her use of uncommon organic shapes and contrasting materials.
I mean, come on.
How wonderfully Badass?