Monday, September 21, 2009

Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros: The Desert

A couple of my pals have this music blog called leftasrain
that you should all jump on.  
They have amazing taste and dig up some pretty amazing stuff.  
It's nice to remind yourself from time to time that music shapes and molds our existence.  
Well, mine anyway.  
Certain songs can bring you back to a place so vivid that you can smell it.
It can wash over you like a sinner at his baptism.
Music is a huge part of my life.
It's hard to not just post music and videos on my blog all the time.  
I'm glad my friends are doing it for me.
Now to the point.
They got me LOVING this band.  
This video is magical, can't wait to see the entire movie.
(It also flows really nicely with the Passion Pit video I just posted.)
The opening footage is of singer Alex Ebert's father chanting in Mountain Valley, shot by his mother.  The song addresses the issues Alex had with the middle name his father secretly put on his birth certificate.  A Native American name meaning devil or demon.
It's pretty powerful stuff.  
Oh, innocence, where have you gone?

Also totally just noticed my last 3 posts have been music videos.
Stopping now.