Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion's Night Out.

Last night was pretty amazing.
Not only was it my best pal's birthday, but it was also Fashion's Night Out which in my case means lots of shmoozing and lots of free booze.
Or wait. 
Better yet it means arriving Fashionably Late to everything.
After showing up to Rockefeller Centre to NOT see my friend's band play we hopped a cab down to the Vogue Bellhaus Party at Oak and across the way for shots of rum at Daryl K.  Then we proceeded to miss the Prada and Missoni Parties, oh and by the time we got to Rag and Bone they were out of booze.  
At this time we decided it best to surrender to the cheese balls and shots of cheap whiskey at the Levee.  
Also, for the record, if I am drunk and invite you back to my house stop me when I mention tarot cards.
It's for your own good.