Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lab Partners.

San Francisco based illustration duo, Lab Partners is made up of Ryan Meis and Sarah Labieniec-who also happen to be partners in crime.
I love that! That's really important- being able to share what you do, and even better if you can do it together!
The person you are with should always inspire you to do bigger and better things.
That's just what's happening with these 2.
And what a great name! Lab Partners!
Remember in high school chemistry class how you were always secretly hoping to get paired with the cute skater?
I like to imagine that's how they met.
Their stuff feels familiar so I think I have probably seen their cards or prints at a trade event.
I chose the illustrations below from their show Hunt & Gather because I collect (aka hunt and gather ) all of these things.
But then again, don't I collect everything?
Either way-check out how awesome they are HERE.