Monday, September 14, 2009

Photographer: Jason Florio

I was born in London and relocated to the USA in 1987 via Dallas in search of the perfect pool to ride my skateboard in. A couple of years later I gave up my skateboard and Quarter Horse and moved to New York City to pursue photography after seeing Richard Avedon’s  ‘The American West’ at the V & A museum in London. Over the past nine years I have been arrested by the Taliban and enjoyed a tea with them, I have ridden into far-flung Afghan valleys in search of nomads with mujahideen as my security, dressed as a woman to cross a border, was at the foot of the Twin Towers as they collapsed, enjoyed the ‘comforts’ of a Cuban hospital, hunted bats in Surinam, chatted with Somali pirates over Coke and biscuits and danced like a fiend in Beirut nightclubs………….among other things. “