Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hunting & Gathering.

A peak at some of the things I have been hunting and gathering for my fall wardrobe.
I have a few main inspirations for my fall wardrobe this year.
I absolutely LOVE fall.  
It is my favorite season, and therefore my brokest.
(Brokest.  I am sure that is a word I just made up.)
Super inspired by vintage hunting gear.
I actually found the only pair ever made of the plaid norway hunting pants in my size.
It only took me a few solid months of searching.
Burns my britches how hard it is to find old hunting gear in tiny sizes.
I suppose not too many woman were hunting in the 1950's.
I have been rocking the Duck Hunting Boots for a minute, recall last year's history lesson.
Still waiting for that perfect mallard duck wall-mount to find me.
Got the prettiest 9 pt. buck for my lodge room on last weekend's scavenger hunt. 

And I got this 14pt Stag Ring a couple years back as a gift from the designer.  
Not only is Aaron's line hands down one of my favorites, this ring just kills everyone.
You would also be surprised how easy it is to wear, considering its massive antlers.  
I am so used to it, it never gets in the way and it doesn't snag stuff--I swear!

(1950's leather lace-up plaid hunting jacket.)
I've been rocking my antelope hide ammo pouch with leather toggle non-stop.
It's especially nice out on the town because I don't have to worry about where I set my purse.  
This ammo belt and holster are gonna be a rather close second.

My coveted hunting pants!
I can't wait for it to be cold enough to justify wearing this thick wool jammers.
Belt attachment with the sweetest little carvings of all the things you could kill with the ammo.
The newest addition to my collection of Duck Hunting boots.  I have tall ones, short ones, black ones, brown ones, grey plaid ones, and red plaid ones.  I think I have a MAJOR problem. 
You need to get yourself some!  They come and go quickly in the shop, so pop in.