Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Pad.

Shot for Time Out New York's 'Home Design Issue'
a couple weeks back.  It is hard to capture interior spaces and I was a little disappointed with some of the shots, but of course I am going to be the worst critic. 
I included little tidbits of what has changed in the apartment since shooting and small pieces that were left out of the photos.

(My lodge-inspired room.  Now home to a very regal 9Pt Stag mount)

(My bedroom.  Religious theme.  I just purchased the most amazing maroon velvet religious banners from 1910.  There are 2 and the hang on each side of the frame.  Hand-painted and trimmed in 14K.  My most precious decoration. These photos don't do this room justice at all.  The wall they didn't shoot has an incredible letterpress drawer filled with religious pendants and war medals.  Also the Jesus painting my friend made for me.)
(The closet in my bedroom that I converted into a lovely bar and antique bottle display. Keepin' the booze close at hand.)
(My living room!  There is the most amazing antique country chair with etched leather seat hanging on the wall.  I put some shoes on it and an awesome group photo from the 1800's.  I have recently purchased an awesome deer skull mount, handmade antique pliers, wrench, and level that are shacked up together in here now.)
(This is my office and main work area.  It is also where I keep the 60 something pairs of shoes I have collected over the years.  Designed like a giant mood-board, it is overflowing with vintage toys, old music posters, fashion sketches, photographs, and of course on hefty display, the Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket that for some reason didn't make it in the photo cut.  I have my trimmings hanging from the ceiling in mason jars.)
(My kitchen.  I have a new chair hanging where the stool is and have stacked a nice assortment of old cookbooks for this winters pot luck feasts.  There will be many.  The stool now resides directly underneath.)