Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I just wanted to give you kids a small update and try to make up a good excuse for my lack of posts lately.  I feel like I haven't stopped moving in the last 2 weeks.  That being said, it makes sense why my body hurts so bad.  My legs aren't functioning properly.  My back is killing me.  And my arms.  Oh man.  
I am going to be in the next issue of Time Out New York.  
It is for their 'Home Design' issue.  7 New York domains are featured.
I don't know, I think it comes out Thursday.
This news came on the back of Fashion Week [which by the way killed me and is one of many reasons why I have retreated]--and during Coterie and the Accessories Show.  
The mayhem just hasn't stopped, and shows no sign of stopping either.
For the issue I spent a solid 3 days straight getting everything in order.  Everything from purchasing and installing all new light fixtures, painting the kitchen cabinets and trim, to building my bed frame.  And not to mention the cleaning.  Oh Lord, the cleaning.

The Show was good.  I picked up 4 new amazing jewelry lines, 3 of which are all handmade lines by brand new jewelers.  Well, brand new to the world of trade events.
Also getting in some fantastic socks and leggings.
More on this stuff to come.
Changes are also happening with the store.  I am phasing out most of the clothing and expanding the jewelry and housewares selection.  Old Hollywood will still have clothes, but only one rack, and only extra special pieces.
I am moving focus on the home department.  
I get a lot of attention for my displays and what-not so I figured I should give the people what they want.  So for all of you who have been asking, change is gonna come.
We also have lots of fun new stuff and tons on the way.
*Old Railroad Lanterns
*Fur Collars [this is my winter jam, I love wrapping them high and tight like scarves with big brooches.  Forget all this nasty fur I am seeing everywhere at Urban & H&M.  Go vintage!]
*Vintage Luggage [everything from train rounders, makeup carriers, doctor bags, and two-toned leather trimmed cases.]
*War Medals [these are great on jackets and cardigans.]
*1940's watches [these are all super tiny and sweet.  some will work, some won't.  Either way they make sweet little bracelets.]
*Vintage Barrettes
*Miniature Typewriters
*Antique first aid kits [for broken hearts and other mendables.]
*Tons of fall/winter vintage hats for scotch sippers.

I am gonna be out of town shopping all weekend working on unearthing some antique padlocks, chemistry glass, taxidermy, globes, books, frames, tin boxes, and oh yes-Jesus.

Pop in and say hi.  
I love to see you.