Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Workspaces that Inspire.

I was over perusing the office section on The Cool Hunter
after Alex told me she wanted her office to be inside a giant pipe.
I started reading and thinking about how her office has no windows, and is painted this nasty green color.  Sure she has a big couch and lots of room, but her space is very ... what's the word ... badly lit?
Actually, the whole of what I could tell of BBDO is kinda un-motivating.
If I were her I would sleep on that couch more often.
And then I started thinking about how I really have no base for what an "office environment" really is, considering I have been working for independent businesses or myself my entire life.
So scrolling through the spaces that grace the pages of their book about office spaces, I started realizing just how important this environment is, for not only a team of people-but for the individual as a whole, and how they feel at work.
How you feel about the space you are working in can make or break how you feel about your job.  I now understand why she says she hates her office and wants to work in a giant pipe.
Cause she would be excited to go to work and the creative juices would just ooze on out of her tiny body.

Tons of amazing offices that actually exist {gasp} like this PR office set up like a science classroom [built in an old school] here.
**Disclaimer:  you may want to quit your job.