Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009: My Own Personal Wonderland.

So, looks like we survived another Halloween.
I had so much fun getting this together.
We had lots of people dropping by and getting excited while we all got ready.
Cider + Moonshine
Chili +Sweet Cornbread
and a whole lot of chaos and mayhem made for an amazing pre-party!
For more photos of our evening check out our new flickr page!

[Queen of Hearts & White Rabbit photo courtesy of Sarah Meyer]

[King of Hearts photo courtesy of Sarah Meyer]

I love this shot of Alice with the checkered floor and the way the Queen matches everything in that room. Enjoying her spiking the cider back there all suspiciously.
Or just really madly.

[the group photo courtesy of Sarah Meyer]

More photos keep surfacing. I am planning on shooting the costumes professionally in the next couple weeks.
Thanks for all the love on this project!