Monday, November 2, 2009

Interior Decoration: The Small Details: My Bedroom

I am a sucker for small details.
I enjoy things like off-color thread.
Etched buttons.
Printed socks.
The details of a wardrobe are by far smaller than the details of an interior space.
But the smallest details can make all the difference in a room for me.
I have posted some of my favorite details of my bedroom.
I love this photo.  I found the frame separate and they were just made for each other.
The oil can is such a nice detail where the jewelry dish is concerned.  
I feel like that oil can could have belonged to that man in the photo.
I have gobs of books just stacked all over the place.  
This railroad lantern tops this stack off beautifully, and Jesus in the background just getting along, rounds this little nook out perfectly.

These turn of the century hand-painted religious banners are a prized possession.
They belong in this room.
The photograph in the center is mid 1800's and is of a Catholic Choir and the Priest.
The fringe on these banners is 14k gold filled.
The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran, to me, is what the Holy Bible is to others.
The mask to the left was recently given to me by a friend who was visiting India.  
He said it wards off evil spirits.
He rests on a glorious paisley tin, which holds my tarot deck.
Shadow Puppets dancing in a pool of light.

This photo is amazing.  
18th Century Orphanage.

Top Jesus collage was a gift from an amazing friend of mine, Marcel who started Working Class Magazine.
The letterpress drawer is filled with a mighty magnificent collection of religious pendants, figures, war medals, and ribbons.
The irony?  Aren't most wars because of some religious belief?
I thought it suited they be housed together.
Oh tools, how I love thee.
My 2 antique tool boxes, hand made [and signed] 18th century pliers and level.
Top shelf of my bar.