Thursday, November 5, 2009

Photographer: Joshua Hoffine

Wow.  Seriously smashing.  Combining two of my favorite things into an art-form?
Horror Photographer, Joshua Hoffine is speaking my language.
Not the making little kids cry part, the jungian psychology part.
With one photograph Hoffine plays with some viewer's personal unconscious [things that scared us as children that we have suppressed] but experimenting with the collective unconscious [inherited categories that are recognized by all people] that is primal in us all.
"I believe that the fear they are re-experiencing originates from the biological Collective Unconscious. Our fears as children are primal in nature. Fear of the dark, fear of lurking danger, fear of being eaten. I regard my photographs as culturally inflected variations on primal fears that arise from our biological Collective Unconscious. I just use the mechanism of the Personal Unconscious to bring it all back to you."

I spent a good deal of time on his blog
and I am glad I did. 
There he pointed out small details in his photographs that at first glance you don't notice at all.
The photo above, Lady Bathory is his modern day take on a 16th century serial killer that bathed in the blood of virgins to keep her "youthful appearance."  Here he photographs her in a sort of spa treatment.  
On his blog he shows you the process of the shot, and close-ups of things like the skull "claws" on this tub.
As far as the children in his photograph go, they have through the years been primarily his 3 daughters and his niece.  He has gotten little commercial work, lots of press, and print sells.
All in all, he doesn't do this for money [although hopefully these will make him a very rich man] he does it because he loves it.

Inspiration for this post comes from The Daily Notch.